ProEn-K  -  A potential low cost ingredient for use in commercial aquafeeds and stockfeeds


ProEn-K is a high protein feed meal produced by the fermentation of sweet potato that can be used as an alternative protein to replace expensive fishmeal and legumes in aqua and stock feeds.

The dried product is stable for at least 2 years without the addition of preservatives or anti-oxidants.

ProEn-K  produces comparable growth rates and in some cases better growth rates in some species than commercial fish feeds.  Has been tested as feed for milkfish, tilapia, prawns and crabs at a commercial aquafarm.

Two Philippine academic research groups (University of Philippines – Visayas) (UPV) and Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU) were awarded a US Aid STRIDE Grant in 2016 of 1 year funding of Php 3.9 million (approximately $110,000) which was to be directed to commercialisation of ProEn-K.  Plentex assisted with the application for the STRIDE Grant and PPI was the nominated project commercial partner.

UPV is recognised as the centre of excellence for aquaculture and fisheries research in the Philippines.  TAC has developed the sweet potato fermentation technology.

Current Status

PPI signed a MOU in 2017 with UPV and TAU in relation to the commercialisation of ProEn-K.  In April 2018 PPI affiliate Plentex Agri-Milling Corporation (PAMC) signed an exclusive Technology License Agreement with UPV and TAU.

A provisional patent was applied for by PPI in July 2017 followed by a PCT Application on 13 July 2018. Application has been made by PPI for a full patent with respect to ProEn-K in the Philippines, and this application remains pending.

Project Aims

To develop feed formulations which optimise the inclusion of ProEn-K in aquafeed (fish and shrimp) without jeopardising the growth performance and overall productivity of the cultured organism.

Such optimisation to be conducted with regard to the use of PRoEn-K on the meat composition, quality and consumer acceptability of farmed aquatic animals.

To develop a ProEn-K commercial scale production process.