Progress Status


  • Four Philippines corporations incorporated as key operational entities – Plentex Philippines Inc (PPI), Plentex Realty Inc (PRI), Plentex Agri-Milling Corporation (PAMC) and Plentex Aquafarms Corporation (PAC)
  • Highly credentialed Philippine nationals appointed to PPI and PRI Boards and management team established
  • Recently we established the Fish Tech JV to grow and sell Milkfish and Molobicus fry, fingerlings, plate-size fish for human consumption and aquafeeds.

Business Plan -  Seaweed Farming, Fish Farming and Processing

  • Decommissioned fish hatchery at Villareal (35kms from Suhi Lots 1, 2 and 3) purchased by PRI. Renovation works in progress. Negotiations in progress to purchase adjoining 2 hectare block to facilitate expansion
  • Focus seaweed development on farming of Asparagopsis seaweed for use in extracting certain compounds that assist with significant reduction in methane gas production from cattle farming.  These extracts reducing methane gas production by cattle in all forms of farming.  With methane being a contributor to greenhouse effects, Plentex has obtained a licence from "Future Feeds" in Australia to grow the Asparagopsis and produce the cattle feed supplement.  The waters of the islands around Guintarcan Island are ideally suited to growing this tropical seaweed in commercial quantities.
  • The fish to be farmed include Barramundi (known as Sea Bass in Asia) along with Molobicus (salt-water tolerant Tilapia) and in joint venture with Fish Tech JV (40% owned by Plentex Group) Milkfish fry and fingerlings and mature fish.  The enterprise will consist of onshore fish ponds for milkfish and molobicus and sea-cages for Barramundi and Molobicus grow-out to plate size and bigger. 
  • Fry and fingerlings will be grown in onshore ponds for Milkfish and Molobicus and Barramundi fry and fingerlings procured from Australia.

Research and Development

  • Develop the technology to produce Asparagopsis seaweed at a substantial scale for CH4 (methane) reduction via st9ock feed supplement manufacture.
  • PPI’s high potential Philippine R&D commercialisation projects being advanced – technology licences and held for Halymenia durvillei growing and extraction.
  • For the animal and fish feed application, Plentex will develop a commercial scale operation for our ProEnK protein-enhanced feed based on either sweet-potato waste or cassava.  The first production in the Philippines will be from cassava.
  • In Australia we intend to produce ProEnK from sweet-potato waste in and around the growing centres in Queensland.